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In 1988 The Castle Mountaineering Club of Sheffield published a book, containing articles written by Club members, to celebrate the Club's 21st anniversary. The Club is still thriving and 2017 will be its 50th anniversary. As part of the celebrations we wanted to reproduce the 21st anniversary book in various electronic formats. The book will be available in pdf, ePub, html and mobi (Kindle) formats. You are currently viewing the html version!

In republishing the book we have tried to stick a closely as possible to the book's original format, with photos and cartoons in the same positions as they were in the book. The publication is still a work in progress. The book is being made available under a Creative Commons licence and the source for all the different formats is available on Github . This web site contains all the original articles, cartoons and photos. The articles were originally written in WordPerfect, so while all the original content is here it hasn't all been proof read, so there are probably still lots of formatting errors.